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One Punk’s Travel Guide to Indonesia

One Punk’s Travel Guide to Indonesia

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Photos courtesy of Kevin Dunn and the bands
Artjunk by Amy Adoyzie
Zine design by Marcos Siref

In December 2011, police descended upon a punk show in Banda Aceh, Indonesia and arrested sixty-four teenagers for being, well, punks. The concert was a fundraiser for local charities and had the proper legal permissions to be held, according to the organizers. The police claimed the organizers didn’t have the right permits, and they also claimed to have found marijuana and sharp objects that could be classified as weapons. The sixty-four youths were taken to the Aceh State Police Camps and held for almost two weeks. Their heads were forcefully shaved, their clothes burned, and they were forced to pray and take communal baths to “cleanse” themselves.

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